Be indulged to experience food in new ways and different locations.

It's up to you

You can choose the time and the locations of your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Check out the current location options below

In your Hideaway

Breakfast in bed while overlooking the river and palm tree filled beach? Yes, it is possible! Select the time you wish to have breakfast in our app and our hosts will deliver it at your doorstep.

At your private beach lounger

Order drinks and fresh food on the beach! With just one click in the app and you will see a variety of options. Our hosts will deliver your order to your private beach bed with palm leaf parasol on the beach.

On your private terrace

Your private terrace provides a unique dining experience overlooking the mangroves, river, beach and Pacfic Ocean. Your private table will be set and served by our host with just one click in the app.

Private dinner on the beach

Private dinner on the beach? Of course no problem! Our hosts will be happy to serve you in any of our locations and create a very special evening for you. Just order through the app and we will make it happen!

Picnic wherever you want

Choose one of the picnic lunch options in the app. Our hosts will be happy to create a very special picnic box for you, which you can take anywhere you’d like.

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