The Retreat

The HappyGreen Retreat is currently being tested on a beautiful beach location in Chiriqui, Panama.

Retreat Impressions

Experience nature at its finest: a palm tree filled sandy beach, a river with mangroves and an abundance of wildlife, right at your doorstep.

The Retreat App

Order, operate and book everything in a easy and completely contactless manner.

Order everything you want

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, organic snacks. All can be ordered through the app without any direct contact whatsoever. Everything will be delivered right when you want it, where you want it. In your Hideaway? Or a dinner on the beach? Your choice!

Supporting local communities

These are challenging times for everyone. Especially in these times we believe having a sustained positive impact in local communities is essential.

Green Hospitality

We therefore only hire local people for the HappyGreen Retreat which we train in all aspects of green hospitality.

Supporting entrepreneurship

We also support local communities by giving entrepreneurial solutions how to deal with the new normal. By helping their businesses digitally connect with both local and foreign clients. Our mission is to help them grow in a lasting and sustainable manner.

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