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Welcome to HappyGreen. We love to create new innovative concepts that make people smile! We just introduced our new concept: A modular and portable hotel room which you can place anywhere in the world!

HappyGreen in the Media

The Hideaway originates from a simple but ambitious vision: Offer a sustainable alternative for fast growing tourism. The world we live in is incredibly beautiful and there are many stunning and unique places to visit. The Hideaway enables you to experience these places responsibly.

Dutch Design week

The design runs completely on solar energy, it is build from easily recyclable materials with a low carbon footprint.

Innovation Origins

These Dutch entrepreneurs made a cross-over between a sustainable tent and a modern hotel - and he wants to save idyllic holiday destinations with it

Business Insider

On Earth Day we introduced our new concept

A hotel room you can place anywhere in the world without harming the environment.

A portable hotel room without compromises

Sustainable but luxurious, practical but attractive, modular & portable but still affordable.

Hideaway versions


The Spa version is a simplified version of the Hideaway with two large arch shaped doors. There are no electricity or water facilities. It does come with an integrated solar powered fan and a Panaroma window.


The Explorer version has modular interior walls which enables you to create practically any space you’d like: an office, meeting room, yoga area. The possibilities are endless. Two integrated solar powered fans create a circulair air stream, supply fresh air in a very efficient manner. A door with automatic door lock can be opened and closed with your mobile phone.


The Voyager version is the most extensive Hideaway. The Voyager has several luxury features: a separated bathroom with rainshower, separated toilet area with a dedicated solar powered air fan, a skylight roof, panorama window and walk-in closet. Furthermore the Hideaway contains interior designs designed by HappyGreen.


We love to think without limits. There is no status quo. Outside of the box is where the exciting stuff happens.

New electric ways of transportation

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Programmers, engineers, designers. We collaborate and create together. In small dedicated teams, we think and do Big.

Creating new innovative concepts together

Collaborating & working locally

Exploring together

Supporting education

Collaborating with local organisations & charities


Sharing one vision: To transform crazy ideas into reality and improve the world in small steps by doing so.

Inspire by a new vision

Teaching at schools & universities

Creating inspiring work environments

Inspire by recycling & re-using second hand materials

Introducing solar energy

The concept

Discover and enjoy Earth’s unique places in a sustainable manner

The world we live in is incredibly beautiful. There are many stunning and unique locations to visit. We would like to enable you to experience these places responsibly.

Responsible tourism

We would like for everyone to experience beautiful places on earth in a responsible and sustainable manner. Therefore we develop concepts which minimize negative social, economic and environmental impacts. We strive to generate greater economic benefits for local people and enhance the well-being of host communities.

In harmony with nature

Renewable energy

Recyclable and reusable products

Local products

The Concept

Hideaway Features


A spacious hotel room designed to resist any climate extremes: From extremely high or low temperatures to hurricane winds & earthquakes. Featuring a panorama window, starlight roof, walk-in closet and rainshower, it does not compromise on luxury.


Running 100% on solar energy and solar charged refurbished battery packages sourced from decommissioned Dutch power plants. The concept is built from easy to recycle materials with low carbon foot prints.

Easy and quick assembly

Setup without the use of any machinery. Built in 2 days by 2 people without any construction knowledge.

Place anywhere in the world

Transportable on just a couple of pallets, or even in all separate modules transportable by foot!  Multiple setups for different environments and purposes.

The concept

Modular & transportable

Every modular part is easy to handle and weighs less than 35 kg, which makes it even portable by car, a rowing boat, and by foot with a cart. The most beautiful places are usually off the beaten track. Creating normal resorts and hotels in these places destroys a significant amount of the direct environment because of use of heavy machinery. Transportation in small modular parts and assembly by hand leaves the environment unscaved.

About Us

About HappyGreen

HappyGreen is a collective of creators from all kinds of backgrounds: From programmers to engineers, and from designers to craftsmen. From our headquarters in the center of Eindhoven, the Netherlands, we collaborate and create together, all over the world.

Our vision can be summarized in 4 words: Happy People, Green World.
This means every concept we design and develop together, has to adhere to 3 short principles:

   It needs to be sustainable

   It needs to be innovative

   It needs to make people smile

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