by HappyGreen

Connecting people through technology during the COVID-19 pandemic. That is the focus of our newest Connect by HappyGreen creations.



Meaningful experience

Having a truly meaningful experience while supporting local communities and local businesses. We think it’s possible!

Want to experience art with a local artist?
Be part of a beach cleanup?
Share your entrepreneurial knowledge with students?

Wander by HappyGreen connects people who would like to have a meaningful experience with people, businesses and non-profit organizations who can use their help and knowledge during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The alpha version of the Wander app is currently being tested.

    Sustainable tourism as the new normal

    The HappyGreen Hotel management technology is a technology developed for the hospitality and tourism sector. The COVID-19 crisis has taken its toll on hotels and resorts of which many have a hard time surviving. We would like to help these hotels and resorts in reinventing themselves by providing the technology to become more easily a sustainable hotel and comply with all the new rules and regulations.

    The new normal for local businesses

    App focused on managing influx of customers in local markets, malls, shopping areas and shopping districts in the New Normal. Many business are suffering and there is a high need to manage clients efficiently as possible. While simultaneously the need to comply with new rules and regulations, like social distancing and the maximum number of clients per shop.

    Clients can reserve shopping times in your shop
    District managers have an overview of all upcoming traffic
    Walking routes can be given to clients
    Client traffic can be diverted real time

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