by HappyGreen

Many restaurants and local business are now facing big challenges because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We all love good food. Let’s do something about it!


Get delicious food for honest prices.

Awesome food is just around the corner and about to be wasted. You just didn’t know. Let’s save some food and enjoy it as well!

HappyEat connects you
with local businesses

who have delicious dishes and meals which they haven’t sold yet and don’t want to waste.

Support your local business!


Download the app

It takes just 1 minute

Select a local business

All local business nearby

Pick up your food

Pick up the food on the designated time


You have now bought food for a discounted price and saved it from being wasted!

Launching soon!

Tests are being completed at the moment. Our team is growing fast and the help we are receiving from organisations and local business is hart warming!

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Running a local food business?

HappyEat is currently being tested and will be launched very soon. Do you want to be among the first businesses being featured in the app?
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